Let's Help Africa

We're working to bring life saving clean water, medical resources and equipment to communities across Africa. Will you help us?

Anazao is a UK based charity which aims to bring new life to broken communities around the world in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals. Our goal is to help alleviate the suffering and extreme poverty which blights many developing countries. Working especially with the most vulnerable including woman, orphans and other children, we attempt to help in providing a brighter future by working on water, education, healthcare and housing projects.

What we do

Helping orphans in Kampala, Uganda

Kampala Children's Centre (KCC) exists to help orphaned children in Uganda, Africa. The vision is to house, educate and care for over a 1000 orphans from war torn areas, slums and AIDS affected families

Providing clean water in Gulu, Northern Uganda

We helped to create clean water sources such as wells for schools & villages.

Supporting communities after civil war

Provision of community support following the resettlement of families and communities after the civil war and internal conflict in northern Uganda.

Helping to create farms in Mozambique

The Dondo Farm Project was set up to feed widows and orphans in the Sofala Province of Mozambique. The Farm Project promotes work ethic and responsibility rather than relying on handouts.

Providing medicines and clean water in The Gambia

We're helping provide clean water sources such as wells and bore holes, equipping health clinics, training medical staff and providing life saving equipment including mosquito nets.

Repairing homes of elderly & disabled widows

Many of the widows are elderly and suffer from visual impairment and other disabilities. Many had lost their own children to AIDS and other diseases and as a result had been left alone to care for their grandchildren. We helped provide food and repairs to homes.

Where we work

Our principles

Minimal Overheads

All of our UK team are volunteers. We don't employ any staff and we aim to keep all overheads to an absolute minimum. We believe that as much money as possible that is donated should go direct to the people and projects in need not be spent on admin here in the UK.


Whilst traveling in Africa we have seen empty schools, broken water pumps and abandoned projects. Too often people with the best intentions have not thought about ongoing costs and funding. We try as much as possible to "kick start" projects that can become self supporting rather than things which need to rely on ongoing external funding.

Local Investment

Projects are most likely to succeed and make a long term impact when local people feel involved. We don't want to reinforce the "white saviour complex" either in our own minds or those we work with. As much as possible we look for local people who are already doing good work and try to support them not fly in to do things ourselves.

Our Trustees

Anazao was founded in 2009 by Glenn & Sue Huntington, Julie Callin and Tim Cole after we had all spent time in Africa. Our aim is to use our skills and experience to make a positive difference to the people and communities we had got to know there

Glenn Huntington

Glenn worked for over 40 years in the Water Industry where he was a Chartered Civil Engineer with an MSc in Public Health Engineering from Imperial College London.

Sue Huntington

Sue is a retired GP and brings her years of experience working as a doctor in the NHS and passion to see others benefit from basic necessities for living.

Julie Callin

Julie trained as an Occupational Therapist and has worked in the NHS both clinically and as a Service Director.

Tim Cole

Tim began working in the IT industry in 1999, going on to establish his own web development and IT consultancy.

Martyn Swansborough

Martyn has a banking and financial services background. He is a mentor to business students, a regular blood donor, and an active fundraiser & volunteer for several charities at home and abroad.

Sue Waddington

Sue joined the board of Anazao in 2019. She has a particular focus on medical supply projects in The Gambia

We need your help

There is still tremendous need in many communities across Africa. Even small donations can help us to make a life changing difference:

£6.50 buys a mosquito net

A single mosquito net can save the lives of a couple of children by preventing malaria.

£150 plants 1.5 acres of maize

Farming maize helps provide practical skills and the crops can be used to feed families.

£3000 can fund an entire well

A single well or bore hole can provide life saving clean water for hundreds of people.

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