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"It takes a village to raise a child" - this old African proverb describes some of the aspects which we believe makes KIDS OF AFRICA unique. We emphasize the responsibility of families, who are integrated into a strong community. At KIDS OF AFRICA, professional, carefully selected child-workers act as mothers for small groups of children. They are supported by nurses, teachers and community staff. All staff are offered development courses reflecting our belief in life-long learning. Each house hosts up to eight children who are looked after by a foster mother on a 24-hour basis. The village has a playground, community buildings and vegetable gardens, as well as lake access where everyone can relax or fish. We think it is right that our village reflects the reality of Uganda’s society, where a significant percentage of the people suffer from Aids. That’s why we accept children even if they have HIV, are very young or in critical condition. Our children and mothers are aware that diseases are a part of our lives and that we must help and deal with them. As much as possible, families at KIDS OF AFRICA should grow like natural ones. We try to mix ages and genders as much as possible and limit the family sizes to make them manageable. We also reach out to our neighbouring communities to whom our educational and medical facilities are accessible.



Founder :Burkhard Varnholt

National Director: Patrick Kawooya Lutwama

Headmother: Jackie Eliza Namugga


Kids of Africa 
Plot 49 Bwerenga 
P.o Box 22117 
Kampala, Uganda 


"We are family" is the core principle of KIDS OF AFRICA. We all belong to one human family. Orphaned children make up more than 10% of Uganda's population of 22 million. We are helping some of Uganda's most neglected orphans - normally refused by other orphanages: babies, both healthy and sick.




We provide a loving support structure to allow children to growup and flourish.