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Anazao aims to bring new life to broken communities around the world in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals. We are currently achieving this by partnering with and supporting the following organisations and projects:

Finding The Way

Resettlement of families and communities following civil war and internal conflict in northern Uganda, Africa.

Kampala Childrens Centre

Kampala Children's Centre (KCC) exists to help orphaned children in Uganda, Africa. It is situated in Wakiso Town - Wakiso district 10km from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The vision is to house, educate and care for over a 1000 orphans from war torn areas, slums and AIDS affected families.

Kids of Africa

"We are family" is the core principle of KIDS OF AFRICA. We all belong to one human family. Orphaned children make up more than 10% of Uganda's population of 22 million. We are helping some of Uganda's most neglected orphans - normally refused by other orphanages: babies, both healthy and sick.

Farm Project, Dondo

The Dondo Farm Project was set up to feed widows and orphans in the Sofala Province of Mozambique. Land for the second farm has now been bought just outside of Dondo. The Farm Project promotes work ethic and responsibility rather than relying on handouts.

Widows Project, Dondo

Many of the widows supported by the Widows Project are elderly and suffer from visual impairment and other disabilities. Many have lost their own children to AIDS and other diseases and as a result they have been left alone to care for their grandchildren. The focus of the project is a monthly feeding programme and repairs to homes .

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Anazao is a UK based charity which aims to bring new life to broken communities around the world in accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goals. Our goal is to help alleviate the suffering and extreme poverty which blights many developing countries. Working especially with the most vulnerable including woman, orphans and other children, we attempt to help in providing a brighter future by working on education, healthcare and housing projects.


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